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Media production, just like any other profession takes many years to perfect and requires an advanced level of education. Our team at i-video not only has first hand experience in the creative industry, but also university degrees in the field of study. The candid, artistic, and modern style of i-video ensures your project is professional, and most importantly affordable. We pride ourselves in our work, which specializes in weddings, corporate videos, music videos, commercials, promos, live performances and much more. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

Why BOOK Video & Photo with ONE team?

In our experience, having one team do both your videography and photography is much more convenient and stress free. Not only do you get an additional discount, but also a team that has a great working dynamic and most importantly, one that avoids another's production process. The post production process also allows for easy collaboration between our editors to work in your photo selects into the video product and vice versa. This is especially important for wedding project bookings.

Myra & Argho

Our online “Teaser Trailers” are a great way to get people excited about your event or project! Here are some snippets from Myra & Argho’s full length wedding video. We hope it’s enough to keep them content while they wait for the full cinema package to be shipped to their US location

Latest News

Diane & Keith Extended Highlight Video

We love when a couple gives us powerful narration and sound clips to stitch together an emotional wedding film. This film is a great example of how we perform "video surgery" to combine sentences and voice clips from multiple sources/time codes into coherent flows. We hope you enjoy Diane & Keith's extended highlight video showcasing their life journey and new chapter of love and happiness. it brought a tear to our eyes! 

FREE Engagement Photos!

These days, the selfies that we take with our iPhones seem to make up the majority of the photos that we have of ourselves. But now is your chance to get a bunch of great photos of you and your beloved before the big day for FREE! E-Mail us for more information!